Ginlong Solar PV monitoring

I have a solar PV system which came with a Ginlong Wifi stick. The stick is a little buggy and drops out off the wireless, but it does work once connected. It automatically (once it has wifi connectivity) uploads your usage to (once you register an account) and you can view your usage online there.

The site is a little buggy and also their mobile app is a bit cumbersome and buggy to use, but it does work and does the job.

I ended up using this linux script to capture usage from the Ginlong wifi stick and I feed the data into my own RRD system.



The white gaps is where the Wifi stick drops out and doesnt send usage for a few minutes. The Wifi modem is 5m away from the Ginlong stick direct line of sight and it still drops out (buggy firmware).

The script is here;

I found the script very useful, but I had to modify it to strip out the header checking and also to adjust some of the netcat parameters as it’s dependant on your linux distribution as to how netcat behaves.

I modified line 88 to remove the header check and to process every packet

I modified line 84 to use this netcat cmd line instead;

nc -l -p 9999 -w 400 -s <LOCAL-SERVER-IP> | od -w500 -An -t x1`

I found that the Ginlong wifi stick would lock up the TCP socket and not timeout properly so I made netcat enforce a timeout.

Everything else is correct and works well. This is with a solar system installed by AGL in DEC 2017 using a Solis Single Phase Inverter.

I can’t find anywhere to download the latest firmware for the Ginlong wifi stick.