Evolution Lancer 8 MR FQ – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This FAQ has been prepared to provide you information on the Evo 8 MR FQ models.
The info here is limited to the FQ series and doesn’t cover anything else.
I am a personal fan of knowledge sharing and free information so that’s why this exists
My previous (and first attempt) FAQ was the Apexi PowerFC FAQ for the Apexi PowerFC standalone ECU

As always, if you have corrected info please let me know via paulr33 at hotmail.com

Last update: 4:02 PM 29-12-2014

  • Evolution 8 badges
  • Evolution 8 MR FQ series
  • Evolution 8 FQ – Registry
  • Replacement FQ – badges/decals
  • Evolution 8 FQ – Sales Brochures
  • Evo 8 servicing documentation
  • Evolution 8 FQ – Specifications
  • Evolution 8 FQ – Dash cluster options
  • Evolution 8 FQ – Certificate of authenticity
  • My Evo 8 FQ340 – Build #238 (general pics)
  • My Evo 8 FQ340 – Some small videos on youtube

    Evolution 8 badges

    The UK based Evolution 8’s (and other models) have different style bades to the Australian and Japanese equivalent models. The Japanese based Evolution 8’s have a small “LANCER” badge in the bottom left corner of the boot and the MR’s have a small red “MR” in the right hand corner as shown below. Personally I prefer the UK style badges and owners often change them around as well. You can order new badges (any style) online at http://www.lancershop.com

    JDM Evolution 8 badges

    UK Evolution 8 badge

    Additionally, the MR FQ series have additional badges on the rear, doors and centre console

    UK Evolution 8 MR FQ badge UK Evolution 8 MR FQ badge door UK Evolution 8 MR FQ badge centre console

    You can also use the car’s VIN number to work out the true model

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    Evolution 8 MR FQ series

    The Evolution 8 MR FQ series was created by Mitsubishi Ralliart in the UK as part of celebrating the Mitsubishi Colt 30th anniversary. There exists other models of the FQ series, such as 9’s and X’s for example, but this FAQ will only discuss the Evolution 8 FQ series.

    UK Evolution 8 MR FQ badge UK Evolution 8 MR FQ badge door UK Evolution 8 MR FQ badge centre console

    Evolution 8 MR FQ’s were standard Evolution 8 MR’s built in Japan, delivered to Mitsubishi UK and then modified by Ralliart in the UK. These were sold in a few variants and the main model that most car enthuisasts would know of the FQ-400 that was shown on Topgear.

    As noted by Wikipedia;

    In the United Kingdom, many special Evolutions were introduced, including the FQ300, FQ320, FQ340, and FQ400 variants. They came with 305, 325, 345, and 405 hp (227, 239, 254 and 302 kW), respectively. Although Mitsubishi have not confirmed the fact, it is widely rumoured that the FQ stands for “F*cking Quick”.

    Each of the MR FQ series features additional MR FQ badges on the rear boot, front doors and centre console as part of the special build. The cars are uniquely number from the build and this is reflected in the centre console badge that shows the model, and build number of the car.

    The cars themselves contain a range of factory fitted (by Ralliart) parts and aftermarket modifications covered by Mitsubishi’s warranty and servicing. Typically these include things such as aftermarket the HKS power intake, the HKS super-drager exhaust and in some cases such as the FQ-400, a customer Garrett turbocharger, Motec M400 ECUs, forged pistons etc.

    A summarised list of factory modifications is as follows – Note this is modifications over the standard 8 MR;

    • Evo 8 MR FQ-300
    • MR FQ badges

      Optional Ralliart cluster (Note if the Speedo has split MPH/KPH Split then ODO will be miles)
      Team dynamic gunmetal alloys

    • Evo 8 MR FQ-320
      Same as FQ300 plus
      HKS Exhaust
      HKS intake kit (panel filter & hardpipe kit)

    • Evo 8 MR FQ-340
      Same as FQ320 plus
      ECUTEK Piggyback ECU
      Black leather / Alcantara interior (Ralliart logo on seats)

    • Evo 8 MR FQ-400
      Same as FQ340 plus
      Forged internals
      Custom GT turbocharger
      Motec ECU
      6 pot Alcon brakes
      Alcon mega clutch
      HKS injectors, conrods, plugs, head gasket

    For a full specification list of every FQ model you can browse the entire library below at Lancer Register.

    Lancer Register info on FQ series

    For some FQ340 pics see below

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    Evolution 8 FQ registry

    There is an unofficial FQ registry online of FQ build #’s and owners found here: http://whycantwedrinkforever.co.uk/evo/FQ.asp?v=8

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    Replacement FQ badges/decals

    You can order unofficial replacement FQ badges online here: http://lancerregister.com/showthread.php?t=303878

    You can also order the other OEM badges (Mitsubishi, Diamond, EVOLUTION, LANCER etc) from lancershop.com

    This is what my full FQ340 set look like delivered from the UK.

    • 3 x FQ340 (1 for each front door, 1 for boot)
    • 1 x EVOLUTION VIII for rear boot
    • 1 x MR for rear boot

    About $110 AUD for the full set of badge/decals (DOMED vinyl stickers).

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    Evo 8 MR FQ Sales Brochures

    There are two sales catalogues/brochures available. The first one covers the general Evo 8. The second one covers the specific MR and FQ versions 300, 320 and 340 (400 has it’s own).

    Note: I have inserted blank pages as the second page and second last pages so that it views correctly in Adobe PDF with a two page view as shown below;

    General Evo 8
    MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO. VIII, 07/2004, GB, ref : EVO85004, 28 pages, format A4

    Evo 8 MR and FQ
    MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO. VIII MR, 05/2004, GB, ref : EVO85004B, 4 pages, format 1/2 A4


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    Evo 8 servicing documentation

    Here are some scans of typical documentation you would see with an Evo 8 from the UK. Note that if it’s an FQ from the UK all the quoted paperwork will be pounds and miles.

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    Evolution 8 FQ Specifications

    You can view the specifications of the Evo 8 FQ series here http://www.lancerregister.com/showthread.php?t=156207

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    Evolution 8 FQ Dash cluster options

    There are a few different dash cluster types that exist as shown below.

    • Evo 8 UK spec cluster
    • MPH/KPH split
    • ODO is in miles

    • Evo 8 UK spec cluster – Ralliart option
    • KPH
    • ODO is in miles

    • Evo 8 JDM spec cluster
    • KPH
    • ODO is in kilometers

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    Evolution 8 FQ – Certificate of authenticity

    Only the FQ400 receives an official certificate of authenticity from Mitsubishi. Note the wording of the certificate, it is “converted” because all FQ’s are MR’s that are modified by Ralliart (ie converted)
    The other FQ’s do not get a certificate and the only true way to verify is either from service documentation (should indicate FQ model) or by checking with Mitsubishi UK (quote the VIN).

    FQ400 official certificate

    If you are going to purchase an FQ model you should check to confirm on the Mitsubishi servicing documentation that it at least identifies the model number. There are reports on the Mitsubishi Lancer Register forum that sometimes the car is quoted as an FQ340, even for an FQ400 or other models, but it should at least, say some variant of FQXXX model. See below, two service receipts

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    My Evo 8 FQ340 – Some small videos on youtube

    Some small videos on youtube.com of my car

    Video 1 – EVO 8 MR FQ340 – On road test, dash cluster

    Video 2 – EVO 8 MR FQ340 – 100kmh gear ratio demo

    Video 3 – EVO 8 MR FQ340 – 2nd gear and 3rd gear

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